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I have wandered along the street, through the suburb, in the city, under the causeway, where nothing is compelling and yet everything is interesting.

Cityscapes are at once comfortingly familiar and bland. Faded corner shops, concrete civil engineering, three story walk-ups, a dash of sun, a gleem of streetlight and they are all on show.

Red bricks glow in the afternoon sun. A lamppost, street sign attached, casts its shadow on the local shop awnings.  People bustle in the shopping strip at twilight.

Signs in abundance: prohibitions, orders, entreaties, seductions, an information over-supply, that don’t distract so much as animate.

We are part of it, we create it, it defines us. 

Anzac Parade oil on board 30 x 30cm

Kensinton Corner oil on board 30 x 30cm

Parking Spaces oil on board 40 x 30cm SOLD

40k Zone  Oil on board 40 x 120cm 

Shops and Street Signs  Oil on board  60 x 135cm

Beaconsfield Workshop  Oil on board  60 x 120cm

Causeway Intersection  Oil on board   40 x 120cm

Pedestrian Access  Oil on board  40 x 120cm

South Coogee Bus Stop oil on board 30 x 30cm SOLD

Down to the Sea. Coogee Bay Rd   Oil on board   30 x 30cm

Randwick Supermarket  Oil on board  30 x 30cm SOLD

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