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works on paper 

Gallery 2010

corner of Reservoir and Commonwealth streets, Surry Hills,  Sydney 

Wednesday 19 July 2017 6-8pm + Saturday 22 July 2017 10am-6pm

SLSC Coogee 45x70cm        

Cliff Railing 53x53cm  SOLD 

Hill St 53x53cm     SOLD

Dolphin Point 42x66cm SOLD   

Coogee Beach:Tinnies 52x72cm    

Coogee Beach SLSC 52x72cm    

Coogee Beach:Volley Ball 52x72cm   

Sunday Morning Nippers 44x66cm     SOLD

Old Faves 49x70cm    SOLD

Sunrise on Coogee 52x65cm     SOLD

Sunday Morning 52x72cm     SOLD

Danger 53x53cm     SOLD

Arden St 36x60cm     

Crooked Railing 49x63cm    SOLD

From Dunningham Reserve 52x72cm     SOLD

Major St 56x76cm     

Time@the Beach 45x75cm      SOLD

Coogee Cliffs 26x26cm       

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