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1 - 13 OCTOBER   2014                                                                           





I’m interested in familiar elements of architectural vernacular and the inhabiting of them; the empty, bleak balcony of a 3-storey walk-up or the cluttered storage space for mops, bikes, children's toys and the clothes' horse. 


I like to capture the everyday images that have a resonance with urban living and this may extend to the big city or smaller country town holiday house. I’m fascinated by the details of how people use their spaces or don’t, through rearranging, shaping, embellishing and customizing. I’m intrigued by the contrast with the trimmed lawn or kikuyu jungle, organised geraniums or cracked pots housing a dead stalk. In this sense I like to explore how we mark our territory as our own by outward manifestations of how we live in our place. 


3 Storey Walk-up  Oil on board  50 x 50cm  

Balcony Life  Oil on board  60 x 120cm  


Clothes' Line and Herb Garden  Oil on board  30 x 80cm  

Fibro Beach House  Oil on board  30 x 30cm  SOLD

Balcony Pots   Oil on board   30 x 30cm SOLD

Front Porch   Oil on board   30 x 30cm

Fibro and Bricks   Oil on board  30 x 30cm 

Clothes' Pegs  Oil on board  30 x 30cm SOLD

Real Estate  Oil on Board  30 x 30cm SOLD

Plastic Furniture  Oil on board 30 x 30cm SOLD

Back Stairs  Oil on board  40 x 40cm SOLD

Flower Bower  Oil on board  40 x 40cm  SOLD

Coathangers  Oil on board  40 x 40cm SOLD

Terrace Pots  Oil on board  40 x 30cm  SOLD

Queenslanders  Oil on board  50 x 50cm 

Grand Pacific  Oil on board  50 x 50cm SOLD

Garden Path  Oil on board  50 x 50cm  SOLD

Children's Toys  Oil on board  50 x 50cm  SOLD

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